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Organisation and Teaching Arrangements

The Curriculum and pupils’ academic achievement is the responsibility of the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team. For each Key Stage an Assistant Headteacher coordinates the learning to ensure that we maximise pupil outcomes and provide continuity from Year 7 to Year 13 and beyond.

The weekly school timetable is based on 30 x 50 minute periods of learning on a carefully planned and developed programme to ensure each pupil has a range of balanced and bespoke learning opportunities.

Pastoral care is managed by the ‘Pastoral Teams’ who take specific year group responsibility and this is underpinned by our Form Tutors who take on a holistic approach for the pupils in their tutor groups. The Tutors are supported in their work by our Pupil Support Managers and Student Services staff.

Curriculum plans and content for each year group and faculty are detailed in the Curriculum section of the school website. Here you will be able to see how each subject organises their curriculum activity and qualifications at each of the Key Stages. Information on how we organise and group our pupils at in each year is also highlighted here.

Our Key Stage 3 curricular opportunities provide the skills and understanding in a wide range of subjects to help pupils identify where their best interests and achievements are which can inform their choices later on in school. In Year 9 learners are given ‘options’ advice to support their curriculum qualification choices at Key Stage 4. This is underpinned by specialist and highly effective Careers Information, Advice and Guidance to help pupils make the most suitable choices meeting their academic needs and future aspirations. The Key Stage 4 Pathways programme which defines the qualifications our learners will follow is complemented by a work related learning programme that takes place at the end of Year 10.

Despite the Curriculum being driven by particular subject areas in the school the teams of staff work closely to provide a range of cross curriculum opportunities so that pupils are able to see close links between subjects taught and are able to apply learning across all subjects.

Health Education, Careers Education, RE and Citizenship are four key areas of learning that are covered in Personal, Social and Health Education courses in the school, in Form Tutor lead activities and are also delivered across the Curriculum.

We have also developed engaging ‘Challenge Days’ which are delivered across the Key Stages where pupils develop their understanding in a cross curricular manner. These are always highly enjoyable opportunities for staff and pupils to share their learning across the Curriculum.

Curriculum Contacts

KS3 Assistant Headteacher – Mr L. Spencer
KS4 Assistant Headteacher – Mr R. Worsfold
KS5 Head of Sixth Form – Mr B. Kelly

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