Key Stage 3 Exam Results

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Key Stage 3 Exam Results

For September 2020, we have made changes to the way in which we report attainment and progress at Key Stage 3.

The system:

• Is built upon high expectations for all our pupils
• is focused on developing the knowledge and skills needed for each of our pupils to be successful in the subjects they study
• provides pupils with timely feedback and guidance so that they can further develop their learning
• allows all pupils to experience success, by focusing on the progress they have made
• allows teachers to quickly identify and plan support for those pupils making less than expected progress, whilst increasing the level of challenge for those pupils who are excelling in their learning

For key pieces of pupils’ work, assessments and for reporting to parents, four descriptors have been used which are: Advanced; Secure; Developing; and Foundation.

End of Key stage 3 data is provided below.

Subject% Advanced% Secure +
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