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Beyond the Classroom

We pride ourselves on the additional opportunities we provide for pupils. Learning inside the classroom is the key to success, but we also believe that so much more can be learnt beyond the classroom.

Extra curricular activities are a key feature of the school with every possible type of trip and visit to suit all interests and all abilities. Trips to London, Year 7 Camp, visits overseas and several outdoor and adventure trips are just some of the highlights of the school year, which provide rich cultural experiences for pupils.

Upcoming Trips

  • D of E, Friday 21st June – Sunday 23rd June and Thursday 11th July – Saturday 13th July 2019 (Year 9)


  • Year 7 Camp, Monday 8th July – Wednesday 10th July 2019 (Year 7)

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  • Holland Cycling trip, Saturday 20th July – Thursday 25th July 2019 (Year 7-11)

Holland Cycling Letter

  • Christmas Markets, Friday 6th December – Monday 9th December 2019 (All years)

Christmas Markets Letter

  • Krakow/Auschwitz, Friday 7th February – Monday 10th February 2020 (Key Stage 4)

Krakow Trip Letter

  • Austria Ski/Snowboard trip, Saturday 8th February – Saturday 15th February 2020 (Year’s 7-13)

Austria Trip Letter 

  • Catalonia trip – Friday 22nd May – Monday 25th May 2020

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School will open for all pupils on Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Year 7 will start at 8.35am and Year 8 to Year 11 will start at the later time 10.50am

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