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Main Contact: Mr T Carey:  Head of Year 7

Pupil Grouping

Pupils are assigned to two bands of EQUAL ABILITY for timetabling purposes, which are as follows:-

Tutor Groups

Pupils are assigned a tutor group using a number of factors. This relies mostly on the liaison with partner primary schools and, where appropriate, the preference of pupils. We also consider the balance of ability, gender and friendships where appropriate.

General Teaching Set

For each pupil we calculate an average of the raw scores achieved in the Key Stage 2 SATs tests.

Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) are administered during the induction programme in July. These tests assess pupils’ thinking and reasoning abilities in verbal, non-verbal and quantative competence. Analysis of the scores also provides strengths and preferred learning styles for individual pupils.
By combining the SATs and CATs we create a ranked list of pupils which generates the general teaching sets which pupils are assigned to.

Subject Specific Sets

PE is currently the only subject where pupils are set specifically for their curriculum area. This process is completed after an eight-week Induction Unit.

Meeting Individual Needs

Pupils who are registered for Special Needs will have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) which ensure that the curriculum followed by the year group is tailored to meet their needs. Support is given according to statutory entitlement and the deployment of teaching assistants within teaching groups as deemed appropriate. All of our SEND pupils are taught in mainstream lessons alongside their peers.

7 ‘O’

Our highest achieving pupils as identified by the grouping process are assigned a general teaching within the two main bands. Whilst following the same curriculum as the Year group, this group will undertake a number of accelerated learning programmes at various times in the year.


Reading Book

The importance of personal and independent reading is essential in developing the literacy skills of our pupils. Where reading is timetabled pupils should do 30 minutes reading from a book of their choice from home or the school library. Parents should then sign the reading record in the pupil’s planner.


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