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Main Contact: Mr D Holbrook: Head of Year 8

Pupil Grouping

Pupils are assigned to two bands of equal ability for timetabling purposes. In Year 8 they are then grouped in a variety of different ways.

Tutor Groups

Pupils are assigned a tutor group in Year 7 and remain in the same tutor group throughout their remaining years while at Ashton on Mersey School.

Teaching Groups

In Year 8 we are able to set pupils independently for English and Mathematics using assessment results from Year 7. Pupils will study Science, Humanities, Spanish and ICT in the same sets as their Mathematics groups. Pupils will be taught in their form groups for Drama, Music, Art, and Religious Education. Pupils are placed in mixed ability groups for Technology and in PE, pupils are set according to their ability in that subject. Progress in all subjects is measured throughout the year using a variety of assessment methods, which are recorded on flight paths at the back of your child’s planner. This means you can see the progress your child is making throughout the year along with progress reports that are sent home. If you have any concerns about your child’s progress please contact their subject teacher, listed on their timetable.

Meeting Individual Needs

Pupils who are registered for Special Needs will have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) which ensure that the curriculum followed by the year group is tailored to meet the pupils’ needs. Support is given according to statutory entitlement and the deployment of teaching assistants
within teaching groups as deemed appropriate.

8 ‘O’

Our highest achieving pupils as identified by the grouping process are assigned a general teaching set outside the two main bands. Whilst following the same curriculum as the Year group, this group will undertake a number of accelerated learning programmes at various times in the

Standard Core Examinations

At Ashton pupils take Standard Core Examinations at the end of Year 8. This enables us to provide a more varied curriculum in Year 9 with the start of some GCSE courses. Core assessments will take place between Friday 21st Aoril and Tuesday 25th April 2017. It is vitally important that your child is in school on these days. To ensure your child achieves their potential , there will be revision sessions in preparation which we recommend they attend. Your child will undertake a programme of ‘Study Skills’, including an emphasis on Literacy and Independent Learning, in the Spring Term during form time. These sessions will give your child tips on how to revise and prepare for formal examinations too.

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