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KS3 assessment week begins on 27th June. Please keep an eye out for an exam timetable for core subjects English, Maths and Science as well as in class assessments in other subjects which will be posted on Satchel One. This is an important time when all subjects will conduct end of year assessments ahead of final reports for this academic year.

We ask all pupils to take this seriously. It is a great time to consolidate learning by doing some revision and an ideal opportunity to display the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the school year. To support preparations for KS3 assessment week, every pupil will have access to a KS3 assessment area on the school website. This will have exam and revision tips as well as a full suite of knowledge organisers related to each subject. In addition, all subject teachers will post revision activities for homework via Satchel One. These will be a mixture of knowledge organisers, revision lists and revision tips. To support further, form tutors will be leading revision skills sessions in tutor time at the beginning of each day leading up to the assessment week. There are also useful pages toward the back of the pupil planner which details revision advice and has blank revision timetables which ae easy to use and copy.

Should you require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me for a wider issue or a subject teacher for a specific subject related query.

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